Coke has an XP Flavor?

Coke has an XP Flavor?

Important Bits

  • Comes in a variety of sizes though specific sizes are hard to find
  • Tastes like Sweetarts dropped into Coke, but keeping the bubbles


This limited edition Coke comes in the standard Coke bottle that we have all come to know. Even the font on the packaging is similar to their other offerings. The biggest departure is the color scheme they chose to go with. With varying shades of gold and black, it does look quite striking. I will say, it was pretty easy to pick out in a line up considering there are not too many pop offerings of this color. Overall, it’s an interesting look.


The taste is where it get’s interesting. It tastes like Coke, but with added flavor. Kind of like how Cherry or Vanilla Coke tastes like Coke with those two flavors added. Only this time, instead of cherry or vanilla flavoring, you get more of a candy flavor. The best comparison that we could come up with is that it tastes like drinking Coke and eating a Sweetart at the same time. It has that tart sweet and tart flavor, but in a candy way, that can be off putting, depending on what you like. My wife and I were not fans of it, but my kids loved it.

Given this, I can only conclude this one will be heavily dependent on what kind of flavor profiles that you like and if you think it will be good or not. I’d encourage to give it a try since it’s a limited time offering and make up your own mind.