Pepsi and Peeps have a get together

Pepsi and Peeps have a get together

Important Bits

  • Hard to find where I live. Found it as a 20 oz. bottle in a random Walmart
  • Packaging is quite attractive.
  • Tastes like Pepsi mixed with artificial marshmallow flavoring


Presentation on this one is as you would expect. It’s a standard Pepsi bottle that you have come to expect. The change to this one is that you get a yellow wrapper instead of the traditional blue. You also get a neat looking Peep overlayed on the Pepsi logo. All in all, the way they put together looks quite nice. Much more low key than some of the Mtn Dew lables, but distinctive enough for you to be able to see it.


With the packaging pretty standard with fairly minimal deviations, we turn to the taste of the drink. Going into it, I was expecting something of a creamy Vanilla Pepsi, since sometimes with marshmallow flavoring, that’s what brands to and then call it a day. This one, I kind of wish they went that way.

The flavor of this one is a bit of a mix between Pepsi and the type of marshmallow flavoring you would use in jelly beans. It’s far more fragrant than is really needed and really distracts a bit from the overall flavor profile. It leaves that marshmallow flavoring as a bit of an after taste that takes a bit to go away.

All in all, it’s a drink that I don’t think that I’ll be seeking out. It’s not offensive, but not great either. If offered somewhere and there was no alternative, I’d drink it with out issue, but I’m not going to be reaching for it if it was an option.